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CNC Milling by Teximp

Milling is the machining process of using rotary cutters to remove material from a workpiece by advancing (or feeding) in a direction at an angle with the axis of the tool. Milling can be done with a wide range of machining centers (milling machines with automatic tool changers, tool magazines or carousels, CNC control, coolant systems, and enclosures).

Teximp is offering a wide range of vertical, horizontal and 5-axis machining centers.

CNC Milling

Top Haas Automation Machines

Haas Automation delivers more standard features, high-tech innovations, and solid engineering than any other CNC manufacturer – and at better prices. 

► Haas Automation product range

    CNC Milling

    Haas VF-2SS Super-Speed

    xyz (mm) 762 / 406 / 508
    rpm spindle 12000 inline
    rapdis m/min 35,6
    standard tool charger 24+1 side mount
    CNC Milling

    Haas VF-3SS Super-Speed

    xyz (mm) 1016 / 508 / 635
    rpm spindle 12000 inline
    rapids m/min 35,6
    standard tool charger 24+1 side mount
    optional tool changer 40+1 side mount


    CNC Milling

    Haas UMC-750 5-axis- machining center

    travel xyz (mm) 762 / 508 / 508
    B axis  + 110°, -35°
    rapids (m/min) 30.5
    platter size(mm) 500 x 500
    rpm spindle (o/min) 8100 inline


CNC Milling

Top Matsuura Machines

Matsuura customers demand and receive unrivalled productivity, high accuracy and reliability from our products (vertical, horizontal and 5-axis machining centers).

► Matsuura product range

    CNC Milling

    Matsuura MX-330

    max. working size(mm)) Ø420 x H300
    travel xyz (mm) 435 / 465 / 560
    working surface (mm) Ø250
    loading capacitiy (kg)) 80
    spindle speed(min-l) 15000


    CNC Milling

    Matsuura MX-520

    max. working size(mm) Ø520 x H350
    travel xyz (mm) 630 / 560 / 510
    working surface (mm) Ø500
    loading capacitiy  (kg) 200
    spindle speed(min-l) 20000


    CNC Milling

    Matsuura H.Plus-300 horizontal machining center

    max. working size(mm) Ø530 x H760
    travel xyz (mm) 500 / 560 / 500
    working surface (mm) 300 x 300
    loading capacity(kg) 250
    spindle speed(o/min) 15'000 (BT40)


CNC Milling

Top SHW Werkzeugmaschinen

SHW Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of travelling column machines and an internationally renowned specialist for machine processing.

► SHW product range

    Unispeed 5
    Powerspeed 6
    Uniforce 6
    CNC Milling

    SHW Mills Unispeed 5

    travel xyz (mm) 2'000 / 1'300 / 1'300
    rotary table (mm) D= 1'600
    automatic universal milling head (orthogonal design) A-osa 180 ° /
    C-osa 360°
    drive power(kw) do 36
    speed range (o/min) do 8'000


    CNC Milling

    SHWPowerspeed 6

    travel xyz (mm) x 3'000 - 30'000 / Y 2'100 - 3'100 / z up to 1'500
    roteray table (mm)  
    automatic universal milling head (orthogonal design) A-osa 180°
    C-osa 360°;
    drive power (kw) do 55
    speed range rpm do 8'000


    CNC Milling

    SHW Uniforce 6

    travel xyz (mm) x 3'000 - 40'000 / y1'600 - 4'100 /z do 1'600
    rotary table (mm) Ø1‘000
    automatic universal milling head of orthogonal design A-osa 180°;
    C-osa 360°;
    drive power (kw) do 60
    speed range rpm (o/min) do 4'000