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an international trading company specialising in sales and service of CNC machine tools; lathes and machining centers. With own technology and service centers in 8 countries in South Eastern Europe we guarantee best local support for our customers. We exclusively represent the famous manufacturers Haas Automation, Nakamura-Tome, Tornos and Matsuura. Your needs are at the focal point of all our considerations.

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TEXIMP SA is an international trading company which specialises in the distribution of CNC products and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Our CNC machines are distributed from our 10 European branches, based in Prague, Brno, Belusa, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Zenica, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Sofia. The branches are associated with the HTEC Haas Technical Educational Centres. The HTEC is a global network of partner institutions, Haas Automation and Haas Factory Outlets which were founded with a single aim of providing the best available CNC education. The technically sophisticated portfolio of TEXIMP CNC products ranges from CNC machines and CNC equipment, which includes CNC mills, CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines, CNC lathe, CNC demo machines, CNC used machine tools and the FARO Edge portable measurement arm. Our comprehensive range of CNC milling machines is produced by the most renowned CNC manufacturers, including Haas Automation Inc., Matsuura Machinery GmbH and Goratu. Our portfolio includes Haas Mini Mill, VF-2SS, Matsuura MX-520 ad H.PLUS-300. We also distribute CNC turning machines which are produced by HAAS Automation Inc., Nakamura-Tome, Tornos S.A. and Goratu. Our wide-ranging portfolio of the CNC turning machine products includes Haas ST-10, ST-20Y, Tornos Delta 20/5, Sigma 20, Nakamura-Tome WT-100, NTY3. TEXIMP has a long history of distributing pioneering CNC products and solutions to accommodate customers in all parts of the world offering best available CNC solutions to meet our client’s demanding business requirements. Our success story would not have been possible without our dedicated and professional in-house expert team which are able to offer unparalleled services in the area of CNC products and CNC services. All our TTC centres offer the possibility of testing our entire range of products in addition to offering tailored-made technical CNC seminars.