ESPRIT® SolidMill® for 2-5 axis milling

ESPRIT offers machining cycles for traditional 2.5 axes and production 3+2 cutting, as well as programming for highspeed simultaneous 3-, 4- and 5-axis free-form toolpath — giving you the programming power you need along with the ease of use you expect.

ESPRIT SolidTurn® for 2-22 axis turning

SolidTurn offers a full suite of facing, roughing, turning, grooving and hole-making cycles.  By combining SolidMill and SolidTurn machining cycles with workpiece handling, you can take advantage of your multi-tasking machine and easily perform simultaneous milling and turning operations on the front and back of the part in a single setup.

ESPRIT for wire EDM

ESPRIT dramatically simplifies the wire EDM partprogramming process, significantly increases part accuracy and greatly reduces the length and complexity of the G-code. ESPRIT’s process knowledge database and versatile EDM contouring cycle supports any number of straight or tapered rough and skim cuts and can machine any contour, mold, die, core, cavity, shape or profile, while optimizing wire cutting paths. 


Part Modeling

An intuitive sketching environment with smart, context driven interaction and comprehensive tools for solid body creation. Use existing parts as references, or design stand-alone.

Sheet Metal

A dedicated sheet metal module for creating simple brackets to complex enclosures and lofted transitions. Convert parts into sheet metal with a wizard, and generate flat patterns for manufacturing.


Assemble parts together with constraints and analyze how the assembly will move. Query physical characteristics such as mass, create exploded views, and check for interferences.

2D Documentation

Project your 3D models into the 2D workspace and quickly create crisp engineering and patent drawings with a huge array of tools for dimensioning, annotations, and specialized views.



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