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Teximp offers an automation solution for Mills & Lathes.
This stand-alone Universal Robot Cell (URC) includes:

  • Fanuc Industrial robot type M10iA (10 kg) or M20iA (20 kg)
  • Fanuc A-Cabinet
  • Fanuc iPendant touch
  • DCS (Dual Check Safety) position check
  • Soft Float Function
  • Touch Skip Function
  • Payload identification
  • TRI-Haas CHC/NGC
  • TGI-A
  • Schunk Gripper 2x JGP 100-2/2x Set ABR-PGZN
  • Autodoor
  • Omron laser
  • Omron light curtain
  • Pallet table with 3 sizes of matrix plates (10x6/7x4/5x3)

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